experimental photography

LightSpin = Bullet-time + Stop-motion + Light-painting

LightSpin is an experimental photography and art project that finds its source in a unique lightpainting technique. For this project, ten performers improvised contemporary dance movements at the center of a ring on which 24 cameras were mounted. Their brief dances were carried out in pitch darkness, light being aimed at the subjects as to reveal their shapes and movements, thus capturing their passage in a defined space. Pushing the exploration even further, the final result of this project becomes a fully animated, 360-degree representation of movements ! Viewed and shared on the Web, the LightSpin project is launched as a world premiere in honor of the International Dance Day.

Dancers : Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin, Dylan Crossman, Paul-André Fortier, Margie Gillis, Kim Henry, Cori Kresge, Merryn Kritzinger, Leon Kupferschmid, Daphnée Laurendeau, Simon-Xavier Lefebvre, Louis-Elyan Martin, Alex Morin, Coralie Muroni, Erin Poole, Lucie Vigneault, Michael Watts
Music : It’s Time by Jules Bromley

Nicolas Foisy, Stéphane Hoareau, David Gaudet, Jeremy Lloubes, Jean-François Sarrazin

LightSpin, from the creators of The Project.


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